Balloon Twisting

Balloon Twisting
From The Best In The Business.

What’s a party without balloons?

Need a talented, fast and friendly balloon twister in New Jersey? Lulu the Clown offers a vibrant assortment of balloon animals and other designs that are sure to please your guests! From hats to hearts, dogs to dinosaurs, Lulu will bring smiles to children’s faces! Balloon twisting is ideal for children (and adults!) over 3.

Looking for a neat idea for your school, library, or summer camp program?

Balloon twisting workshops for camps, schools, libraries and other programs. Lulu the Clown brings the balloons, pumps and instruction, you bring the kids!  Please email or call for availability and pricing.

The following creations represent only a sample of what Lulu can offer. Please note that balloon twisting may be more or less elaborate, depending on the number of guests you are anticipating and the amount time allotted for this activity.

• Dog
• Cat
• Hat
• Giraffes
• Elephant
• Lady Bug
• Butterfly
• Car
• Monkey
• Snake
• Bunny
• Turtle
• Hulk
• Princess Wand
• Laser Pistol
• Shimmer Shine
• Captain America
• Paw Patrol
• Monkey in a Palm Tree
• Bow and Arrow
• Fish on a Fishing Pole
• Flower Bracelet
• Silly Hammer
• Rose
• Mouse
• Flower
• Lion
• Tiger
• Bear
• Horse
• Unicorn
• Airplane
• Caterpillar
• Spiderman
• Penguin
• Fish
• Frog
• Sword
• Pumpkin
• Fairy Wings
• Jet Pack
• Mermaid
• Flamingo
• Reindeer
• Snowman
• Dinosaur
• Batman
• Ironman
• Piggy
• Swan
• Duck
• And more!
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